My other Blogs.

Hey! All you people who are actually reading my blog: Thanks very much!

if you like this blog, perhaps you will read my others. That’s right, I
have other blogs. Some of them are what I call story-blogs, or slogs. Check them

Big Fat Tiger Home Blog
A defunct blog that I started a few years ago. I later switched to MySpace.

Faceless Comixtrip
The home of the Faceless Comic.

Guard Space
My blog about pools and aquatics safety.

My Space Blog
My Blog on MySpace. Specifically a bunch of rambling on random topics about many things that you probably don’t care about.

Summer’s Bay
A story-blog about a teenager who is finally working at the job of his dreams.

Injustice Journal
story-blog, in weblog form, about a young man who has been cursed with
a Bible. He must correct injustice where ever he finds it.

I hope you can enjoy these blogs as much as I enjoy them.

Talk to me. Imma website!

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