>Train Wreck

>Have you ever heard the saying, “It’s like a train wreck,” or “It’s like watching a train wreck.” This is one of those metaphorical (or simili..ial… like a simile) sayings. If you’ve ever seen a train wreck then you know how it goes. If yu haven’t seen a train wreck, then think about it. The engine hits an obstacle which initiates the crash. All of the cars behind the engine have no way of braking so they continue to move forward until they crash into the engine or the car in front of them. So one after another the cars slam into each other spilling any contents all over the ground and possibly any cars or people who are near the tracks. This continues, extending the length of the crash until the last car, or kaboose, comes to a hault.

This saying is used when someone begins to loose where they were going. Think of the last time someone tried to join the group by telling a small, incredibly stupid joke. They then begin to expand the joke, possibly making sound effects and adding in dialogue between different characters. Yet this doesn’t help and only makes the joke even more rediculous. They continue to try and redeem themself but it only makes you feel more and more sorry for them. You can actually almost feel their embarrassment. No one says anything… no one trys to help… everyone just stands there and stares not knowing what to do. And this is where someone states, “It’s like watching a train wreck.”

So, I explained all of that just so I could tell you that I created my own saying. I was sitting at my parents house on Christmas. My cousins and I were talking and jokeing around when one of my cousins tried to make a joke that just didn’t catch. So I make the comment, “It’s like watching a retarded duck try to land on a frozen pond.”

If you want me to explain my saying just let me know.

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