>Furniture Stores

>Here is a post from my old blog. This is from back in 2006. Yet I am still seeing the same commercials. Why are furniture stores sill having the same problems?

It seems that everytime I turn on the TV I see another ad for some furniture store that is going out buisness or having some sale that is related to the store losing the building. Some of the most common problems they have are:

1. They are losing thier lease.

2. They have too much old inventory and have more on the way.

3. That particular location of the franchise is broke and closing.

4. The store or franchise is closing for one of the many above reasons.

Why is this? Why do all of the furniture stores always have problems? Maybe people are beginning to take better care of their furniture. Or maybe furniture makers are making better furniture. Or maybe furniture makers are making better furniture and people are taking better care of thier furniture. I’ll bet it’s because more people these days are living with thier parents longer, and since they live with thier parents they have no need for new furniture. Not to mention many older people are now passing thier furniture on to thier grown children. This can be done because those people put plastic furniture covers on their furniture.

Well, whatever the reason I’m sure that furniture dealers know what they are doing. I guess.


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