>Living for Shunners

>Do me a favor? Don’t live your life in order to go back to your 10 year highschool reunion and show everybody up. That’s got to be one of the biggest wastes of time ever in the history of wastes of time. Can you imagine? You would be living your life for all those people who didn’t notice you in highschool. Instead you could be living life for all the people that love and care for you. Or better yet, you could live your life for yourself. Or better yet, you could live your life for Jesus.

You could try living your life in order to do good. You could try to put others first every chance you get. You could give your services to those who need them most. You can help those less fortunate than yourself. There’s a multitude of paths you can take to spread good over the Earth. Why would you waste your time trying to one-up the kids you went to highschool with? What’s the point? If your life is taking you one direction, and all those classmates in another direction, then you’re not going to see those people anymore… at least not for a long time. Why spend every minute of your days working your tail off just so you can make them regret shunning you?

It’s just stupid.

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