>I despise stupidity

>I absolutely despise people who go about doing activities without understanding all the ins and outs of the activity, it’s dangers, and what it takes to do the activity properly and successfully without causing harm to themself or others.

Do me a favor: if you are going to do an activity or go on an outing, become familiar with the activity, it’s dangers, and the equipment that is commonly used during or for this activity.

Save humanity. Stop being stupid.

For instance:

If you are going to go out boating, you need to understand not only how to use the boat, but also what to do if something should go wrong. What if you run out of gas? You should have some paddles or oars of some kind just in case. What if the boat capsizes? Depending on the size of the boat, you need to know how to turn it back over OR you need to know how to stick together in order to stay in a group and keep yourselves warm. You should always wear your lifejacket, even if you are a good swimmer. What if you are attacked by a shark after the boat capsizes? Or what if your friend is attacked by a shark while taking a quick dip? How do you keep him as stable as possible while in transport to the nearest shore line? How are you going to contact EMS to get your friend to the hospital?

These are very important things to think about. Thinking about the “what if” doesn’t make you a pessimistic, worry wart, it makes you prepared which could help keep you safe.

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