>Oh, go grow yourself up

>The next time someone tells you to grow up, tell them to shove off. I hate how I can’t like simple things such as cartoons without people pulling something out of it that just ain’t there.

For instance, I am very mature, responsible, and quite well rounded. Yet, apparently, because I like cartoons and even children’s toys that means I have some deficiency of some kind. When in all actuality, I am no different than any adult who watches some live-action television show. Only my shows contain more slap-stick and clean humor, while those adult, primetime shows contain crude humor, bad language, and innapropriate activity.

So if anyone ever tells you to grow up, you tell them to cork the pipe and leave you alone. Cause I’m doing fine and have never been better and have a bright future and everything like that.


*sticks out tounge*

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