>Purchase Research Idiots

>How many times have you gone to buy something, thinking you’ve done all your homework, all your research, shopped around, look for all the great deals, read many reviews and pretty much researched this product as if you were actually in a job as a research scientist; yet someone comes out and says you should go a different direction with your purchase because “this one” is better…

Like, you check out all the flat screen TV’s. You do the following:

  • Check out the floor models at multiple stores.
  • Read reviews of the different models.
  • Read reviews and information on the companies and how well they make their products.
  • Talk to actual people who have owned the different models of TV’s.
  • Played with the floor models.
  • Done pricing comparisons.
  • Checked on manufacturer and store warranties.

You do all this work and then someone comes along and says you made a poor choice. These are normally those jerks who seem to (think) they know everything about whatever it is you are doing.

Remember that guy who told you that you were stupid for buying that camera because the camera he bought had better resolution, a better zoom, and was a better value. You know, that guy you wanted to throw your new camera at (just to see whose is better at beating a guy sensless).

I hate those people… I mean, I really dislike those people. I didn’t do all that research for you to tell me I’m stupid. I especially didn’t do all that work for you to act like I’m wasting my money away buying something you consider “useless.” So just shut up you stupid head.

Big, Out.

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