>The only excorcist you should even entertain is the movie. Demons don’t necessarily exist as we see them in pop culture and the media (movies and TV, and even anime). You have the power to keep yourself from doing evil things. No demon, or devil, or evil spirit can make you do something bad. You make that choice on your own.

And if you think you are possesed by a demon, or you think you know someone who might be possesed by a demon, there is a fairly simple way to take care of this. Call out to Jesus and ask him to save you. And that is it.

Don’t fall into the trap of humans. No human has the power over spirits. Not with incantations, not with charms, and not with symbols or garments. Don’t be swayed by people who claim to have powers over the devil. Whatever little power they have to say “no” to the devil, you possess as well. Anything more can only be dealt with through Jesus the Christ by God himself.

Don’t be stupid. Please.

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