>Steam Ice Water, Ch 1

>”Hey, Jason!”

“What is it Kyle,” Jason sighs. When Kyle wants something it’s normally something stupid.

“I just found this USB powered, foam rocket launcher…”

“Don’t you already have one of those?”

“Ya, but this one has a built-in web cam.” Oh boy. “Now I can see where I’m shooting!”

“Hey! Bone heads!” Perfect timing. The boss usually has perfect timing. “You two need to start running those front models.”

Jason grabs some papers and a CD. “Here you go boss. I ran the models this morning.” The boss looks impressed, while Kyle looks emarrassed. “You might want to get those to Christy.” “Oh, ya,” the boss questions, “Why is that?”

Kyle drops in, “’cause Christy knows what she’s doing.”

An awkward silence follows.

Jason speaks up, “I noticed some odd storm formations. She’ll be able to run some comparisons with past models. Hopefully she can tell us what this winter is gonna be like.”

“Good work, Jason.” The boss smiles at Jason, and glares at Kyle. Kyle doesn’t do too much during the winter time. Mostly he is assigned remedial tasks. During the summer, Kyle runs a group of storm chasers.

Jason, on the other hand, is really into weather of any kind. He mostly studies history of weather, but lately has been programming computer models. They have a few systems for running complex models and Jason was the only one who understood what the corporate trainer came to teach them. So, Jason was moved up to “programmer” and Christy was hired to keep track of the history aspect.

“Alright… so you coming out later tonight,” Kyle asks? “The whole gang is going out there.”

“I don’t think I’m goin’ down tonight.” Kyle sighs. Jason plants his face in the computer, “I’m just gonna run some more models.”

“Dude, stop, you are wasting your life away in front of that computer screen.”

Kyle looks at Jason. He is acting a little strange. It must be the odd weather they’ve been having this winter. Wait a minute! “Dude, you are not still stuck on that Siw crap, are you?”

Jason doesn’t reply.

“Aw, dude, man,” Kyle wipes his hand over his face. “You have got to stop wasting your time with those old stories.”

“I’m not wasting my time, and their not stories! This is my family’s history.”

“Jase, you don’t know your family’s history. You’d have to know who your parents are to know your family’s history.”

Jason slams some trash into his trash can. “Get away from me,” he moans.

“Look, Jase,” Kyle begins, but he doesn’t know how to finish. The only thing he can think to say now is, “Christy’s comin’ out tonight… if you change your mind.”

Christy’s coming out tonight? Perhaps the “family history” would have to wait.

to be continued…

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