>He Met Four People

>One day, Harry was walking down the street. He was on his way to lunch. He decided to walk, instead of taking a cab, because it was a very beautiful day. The city was alive with movement. He couldn’t have picked a more pleasant day to take a walk.

While walking past a small fountain, Harry and another man bump shoulders. The man immediately began yelling at Harry. “Watch where you’re going, jerk,” the man exclaimed! Harry apologized but the man didn’t seem to hear him… or even care that he said anything. The man, who was on his cell phone, began telling the person on the other line about the “moron” who “just about ran him over.” Harry was a bit upset, but he decided to forget about it. After all, it was such a beautiful day.

Harry continued his walk. He began to think about what he would get for lunch today. Normally he gets the turkey sandwich. It comes with tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise, and a slice of Swiss cheese. Considering it was such a nice day, though, he decided to try something different. Perhaps he would get the chicken BLT with American cheese. Or maybe the roasted chicken breast with provolone and bacon. He’s always eyed the roast beef on rye bread. Yes, that is what he would get: tender roast beef on two slices of fresh baked rye bread. Add a little lettuce, some Swiss cheese, maybe even a slice of turkey- OW! Harry, lost in his sandwich day dream ran into another person. This person dropped something. As Harry began to apologize, again, the young man turns and jogs off, down the street. Harry just writes it off and continues on his walk.

He begins to pay a little more attention to the other people on the street. The last thing he wants is to continue dragging down his pleasant day with yet another entanglement with an unpleasant person. Just then a woman turns the corner of a small shop. She turns right into Harry. Luckily, Harry is paying attention and they manage to make the impact minimal. The only casualty is the woman’s cell phone. She begins to giggle and apologize for not watching where she was going. Harry also apologizes as he bends over to pick up the woman’s cell phone. When he rises, however, he hits his head on her purse. The contents of the purse fly everywhere; her makeup, wallet, sunglasses, coupons, keys, and a watch scatter over the pavement. Harry begins to apologize and gather the items while the woman just begins laughing. “What are the chances, huh,” she exclaims? As people walk by, stepping over the two collectors, they just joke and laugh. Harry is astounded such a person exists in this city. The woman is embarrassed but happy to see Harry has such a good sense of humor. They get the items back into the purse, and with a short apology from both sides they part ways. Harry is happy to find such a person, who only served to make the day more gorgeous.

He is definitely looking forward to that roast beef on rye. He’s never walked to the deli before, and he’s not entirely sure just how far it is. Just then, he sees the sign sticking out from the front of the building. His lunch is only one block away. He can’t wait. As he nears the corner his phone goes off. He picks it up quickly but it’s not a phone call. It’s a reminder: he has to pick up his dry cleaning later this evening. Better set it to remind him again in a little while. As he begins to hit “ok” to accept the reminder change he bumps into yet another person. He immediately begins to apologize, with a smile on his face. This man is not amused. He reaches into his pocket, pulls out a small gun, and screams fill the street corner. Harry falls to the ground, releasing his phone. The cell phone slides across the sidewalk, coming to a halt right in front of the deli. As people scramble and scream and stand and stare in utter disbelief, Harry’s phone begins to go off. The reminder continues to beep, unaware the dry cleaning will never be picked up.

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