>This is not a new blog. On the contrary, it has been around since 2006. That is when I began the website BigFatTigerHome.tripod.com. I planned on creating my own little website full of funny stuff. I would have funny pictures, funny jokes, funny stories, and funny blog posts. Unfortunately, Ebaums World existed, YouTube existed, Funny.com and Jokes.com both existed, Flickr & Picassa & Worth1000.com all existed, College Humor.com existed, and Google existed. And they are all still around.

So, I added the blog to my Tripod account and thought I would write down some of my thoughts: they would be random, stimulating, funny, intelligent, thoughtful, and stupid. Alas, no one read my blog. Of course if they did, they would have been reading one post per month on average… but that’s not the point.The point is that my dreams were crushed; broken and trashed like yesterdays, uh, trash… That is when I decided to move. So, I moved to WordPress but only because it allowed me to have multiple pages. When I saw that Blogger began to do the same, I moved my blog yet again. And now it is where it will reside for the rest of eternity, how ever long that will be. (I mean, have you seen 2012!)

If you want to know about my blog read the about sections and stuff. I don’t have time to re-type everything for you s you only have to look in one place. (what?… copy and who? I never heard of “copy and paste.” Sounds difficult)

So, for the first time on Blogger, this is Big signing off.

Talk to me. Imma website!

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