>Boys vs Girls

>There are many articles out there which have been trying to inform people of the differences between boys and girls. Many articles have appeared in Newsweek. Articles are everywhere. Yet, I can’t help but think, “who needs ’em!” Any parent with at least one boy and one girl, who also mingles with other parents from the school, can tell you that boys are just different than girl. They just are. It’s pretty much that simple. Even though this is the case, and just about everyone with children understands it, no one has thought much to do anything about it… until it comes to school.

Teachers can tell you that boys and girls are different. They can tell you that boys are more rough during recess. They can also tell you that boys don’t do so well with language arts, as compared to girls. Yet these same teachers strive to get children of both sexes to meet the same educational benchmarks at the same times. These teachers know they are leaving boys behind but they don’t try to do anything about it. These same teachers go on to become the school districts administration and then to help develope local, state, and even national laws and policies on education and it’s practices. No matter how far they go, they continue to stick with what has not been working.

So why is this? Why do teachers, parents, politicians, and even doctors continue to support an educational system where boys aren’t allowed to be boys, and are instead being foced to act against their nature?

Now don’t start knockin’ my statements just yet. Should children learn to sit still, eyes on the speaker, and listen? Yes, they should. Should children learn to control their emotions and react responsibly when perturbed? Yes. Should a girl who likes dolls be forced to play in the mud? Should a boy who likes mud be forced to play with dolls? No, and no.

There are unique differences to the two sexes, which carry on way past childhood. Women are much better multitaskers than men. Women are able to convey empathy better than men. Women are better at comforting than men. Women are more sensitive to feelings than men. Men are not necessarily stronger but enjoy physical activities more than women. Men, like boys, are more agressive than women. Men also enjoy hands-on activities more than talking, discussing, and openly sharing feelings.

There are biological differences between men and women. The better the educational system comes to understand this, the better we can serve BOTH boys and girls.

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