#16 – I’m off

Well, I hate to say this… only because I’ve ONLY written 16 entries in the past, what, 5 years or so… but I’m leaving.

Ok, so I’m not physically going anywhere. But, I am going to leave this space behind. There is nothing here I care about anymore. I got this MSN Spaces account by accident, really. One day I opened up the MSN Browser on my XP Home computer and it gave me an MSN.com email address. So, I began using it to it’s extent, including the email, the Spaces, and a couple of other items using Microsoft’s defunct "passport."
Now, I am leaving the Aquatics world behind me. This coming summer will be the first summer in 10 years that I will not be working at a pool. So, I am taking this opportunity to leave Lifeguarding, Lifeguard training, and pool management behind me. Will I really just leave it all behind? No, I suppose not. There will most likely be a day when I will comment on lifeguards, aquatics safety, or pool management again. But I will not go any farther than simple comments and/or my own thoughts (or criticisms) on the matter. No longer will I seek to work at an aquatics facility unless something should open in the near, near, near future (like for this summer or summer-through-winter)… but I doubt that will happen, especially when I’m not looking for a job in that area.
So, to all my reader (no typo), good bye forever my friend.
-end of line
(for good)

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