>Chased – unfinished story

>Story about a guy who lives a pretty simple, boring life. He gets up every morning and follows the same routine: wake up; eat two pieces of toast, an egg, and slice of bacon, and drink a glass of orange juice; shower for exactly 9 minutes; get dressed, same type of blue shirt and khaki pants but different tie; black shoes every day except Friday when he wears his tennis shoe; and then head off to work. He takes his Prius Monday through Thursday and takes his 1967 Ford Mustang on Fridays. He works all day long and doesn’t stop for so much as a colleague’s joke. He takes exactly 24 minutes for lunch. He gets his work done precisely at 4:59pm everyday. Upon arriving at home he changes into more comfotable clothes; jeans and a t-shirt. His t-shirt always has some funny picture, saying, or other graphic on it. Once changed he begins work on his “To-Do” list. He has a Daily To-Do list and a Continuous To-Do list. The first thing on the Daily is walk Max, his golden lab. Other things on these lists include cleaning, buying groceries, making household repairs.

Seven years ago he got married. About 2 years after that his wife was taken from him. She had a very bad sickness and couldn’t hold on any more. Some people think what took his wife has come back for him.

The adults ignore it but the kids know better. Someone, or something, is trying to get him. Through the school-ground circles he has been known for all sorts of daring feats. Once, it is said, he ran right into traffic to escape an army of squirrels. He has been chased by sparrows, dogs, cats, and monkeys as well (that day at the zoo was a bad day to go to the zoo). Some kids say he has also been chased by governement agents, and even Death himself. There is one safe place, though: his house.

Why is someone after him? Theories range from government conspiracy to the supernatural. All they know is he never has a dull day. However, it’s just not the same without his wife.

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