>4 or 5 Post-its®

>*Another repost*

So I was doing something else besides this and came up with another “saying thingy”. Remeber my “duck landing on a frozen lake” saying. Well, I came up with another.

You know how someone will come over to you and say they want to tell you something “real quick”, (something that should be maybe a few sentences long) but then they just go on and on talking about this one little piece of information, creating an entire novel around that itsy-bitsy tidbit of trivia… you know, like I do. Well, I have something you can tell them.

To this person you can simply say: That was 4 or 5 Post-its® too long.

For those of you who don’t get it let me explain. A Post-it® note is a small piece of paper on which you can jot quick notes. Usually, people only write a couple of words on a Post-it®. Not too many people use Post-its® to compose letters, their dissertation, or entire magazines much less a sentence or two. The idea is to be quick and to the point. So, to these people we say: Dude, that was 4 or 5 Post-its® too long.

—A few “quick notes”—

  1. You don’t have to pronounced the “registered” logo (the little “r” in a cricle: ® ). I’m not even sure how you would pronounce it.
  2. If you are worried about getting sued by 3M, the parent company to the Post-it® brand, you can say the following instead:
    • That was 4 or 5  three by three inch, self adhesive, removable paper notes too long.

Of course, number 2 up there kinda defeats the purpose of the saying…

Oh well. Ciao!

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