>New TV Show

>Ok, so it’s 11:28 at night and I have watched parts of “Star Wars: A New Hope,” three episodes of “3rd Rock from the Sun,” the “Star Wars: Clone Wars – the Manevolent Saga,” and now both the “Robot Chicken” Star Wars episodes. After watching all that sci-fi goodness I came up with a great TV show.

Here’s what would happen: some guy, about 23 years old, figures out how to make a light saber for real. So he patents the plans and begins to market and sell them all over the place. The light sabers get sold to the military, police officers… and the bad guys! Now people all over have light sabers. Saber fights are held over even the smallest of disagreements. While the government tries to outlaw light sabers, George Lucas won’t have it! A law is passed that makes carrying a light saber illegal. George Lucas dissappears… it’s a conspiracy… so the Star Wars fan boys (and girls) rebel against the evil empire- I mean, they rebel against the communists who want a world without light sabers. The fan boys strike! The bad guys strike back! And then the fan boys return!… before that though, the fan boys were a menace, attacked by clones, and then had to withstand the revenge taken by the sith. At the end of all the fighting, the main base is blown up (again) and everyone dances with a bunch of teddy bears.

What would you give to have this be a real television show…

I’m guessing, not much…

Talk to me. Imma website!

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