>Silent "P" – repost

>On my old fat tiger website, I also had a blog. There I typed many a stupid entry. One of those stupid entries was the following:


So the other day, a co-worker of mine walks behind the front desk. Another co-worker is being silly and asks him what it would be like to have a silent “p” in front of his name ( so his name would be Pmatt, and the “p” would be silent). So Matt says “then my name would be ‘Phh-Matt'” …… and he pronounced the “p”

I had to remind him that the “p” was silent, so his name would still be pronounced “Matt”.

 I think he caught on right as I began to say something…still, it was funny that he reacted so fast with “Phh-Matt.”

I thought it was funny and so I am reposting it. I think I am also going to bring this up the next time I see him. Maybe even tell some of the kids he works with.

That should prove humorous.

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