>My Windows Phone 7 App idea

>OK, here’s the deal. You can go to this site and request an app you’d like to see on the new Windows Phone 7 phones that will be coming out during the holliday season. My idea was a calendar app which allows me to type in information as if I was just writing on a post-it note. Here’s my description:

I want a calendar app which allows me to input events as if I was writing it on a post-it note. Imagine this: you pull up your calendar and click on “Add Event” (or simply click the “Add Event” link from your main screen). Then you type this exactly: “800p-900p brothers bday 7-3-10”. The app automatically recognizes all the information you typed and translates it to: “Brother’s Birthday – 8:00pm to 9:00pm – July 3, 2010”. The event is then placed into the calendar. Want to add a reminder? Simply use a keyword to set other data. If you type the above but add: “re2d”. This would translate to: “Reminder: 2 days before event”. ezCalendar will automatically recognize whatever you type. E-Z!

What do you think? If you like it, please vote for my idea.

Talk to me. Imma website!

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