>Last post.

>Dear Internet,

I’ve grown tired log your vastness. The never ending connections you have to the world has stretched me thin. The elaborate possibilities possible with code such as HTML 5, CSS, Ajax, etc. have caused me to work on one thing for such a short time I am unable to finish it; bombarded with the. features of the newest web service or WWW standard. So, I am leaving you, dear Internet. Well, not really. I mean, after all, where else am I supposed to go? Are ARPANET or NSFNET still around? Any way, I am embarking on a new adventure. I am moving to yet another blog service. After beginning on a whim at Lycos, getting my feet wet on MySpace, shifting to a better experience with WordPress, and then aiming for ease of access with Blogger, I am now moving to [CENSORED]. Wait… what the heck!? Why won’t it let me tell you I am moving to [CENSORED]? Hmm… I guess I don’t want you to know where I’m moving to. Oh well. Look me up of you want- oops! Right, you won’t be able to.


Big, the fat tiger

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