I’m baaaa-aaaaack…

So, let’s see.

I humbly began my beginnings on Tripod, by Lycos. Not long after, I ran to other blogs.

I used Word Press, Live Journal, MSN Spaces, Blogger, and MyOpera (in that order).

I have now returned to Word Press. Why? Well, I am tired of Google and Apple. I love Windows. Hate me or support me, I don’t care, I love Windows. And, by the way, Windows 7 was MY idea. Just so you know.

I have a Windows 7 Tablet/Laptop, a Windows XP desktop; I use Windows XP, Windows Servers, and Exchange Servers, at work; and I prefer ASP over PHP. I have an Xbox (the new slim 360), and have recently begun using the Zune software. Once I get an upgrade with AT&T, I’m moving to a Windows Phone 7 device. After that, whether I get a Zune device or just stick with my phone as a DAP, I will stop buying music and movies from Apple. What happened to make me loath Microsoft’s big competitors? Was it Microsoft loyalty? Was it a need for conformity? Was a flip of the coin?

After owning an Xbox 360 for a while, I became interested in how the Xbox can connect to my PC, especially when the PC has Media Center on it. Is it revolutionary? No, but I liked it. One problem, though. I can’t play my iTunes purchases on the Xbox. I can’t even play a regular QuickTime video on the Xbox. What can I play on the Xbox? Pretty much anything else, and definately everything from the Zune store. My devices just work better together when I use the software they’re built to operate with (Zune, Media Center, Windows…).

I want to sync my calendars everywhere. I can have a calendar on my home computer, and a separate calendar on my work computer, and a separate calendar on my phone; but why? I guess I could sync the calendar on my phone with the one on my computer useing sync software. But, who plugs their phone into their computer these days? I just want all my calendars to basically be the same calendar. The only way for me to do that right now is to use Google’s calendar sync program on both computers. This syncs my Outlook Calendars with my Google Calendar, which then shows up on my phone. I mean, it used to. Since I got Office 2010, the Google calendar sync program no longer works on my home computer. Now what?

Besides calendars, I want files and favorites to sync between computers as well. Windows Mesh does this well, and when my work upgrades to Windows 7, it will work even better. My Windows Live calendar is easily added to Outlook, and when I get my Windows Phone 7 device the same calendar (no syncing required) will show up on the phone as well. My music will be playable on my computer, phone, and Xbox, settings and files will easily move and sync, and my life will be much more simple.

It’s an opinion. I can’t wait for this to transpire, but until then I will continue to do this: *sigh*

Oh, and this blog is a combination of my other blogs. Also, sort of a continuation of my blog on MyOpera (which I cannot port over… sorry).

Diggs out

P.S. – no offense Google. Bye-bye Apple.

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