I’m calling it

One day I called my dad and called it. I told him how it was going to turn out. I have no idea what I told him, but that’s not the point. The point is I called it. And one of these days, oh ho ho, we all better be ready to face the consequences.

I know that barely makes any sense. After all, I don’t know what I called. This time, however, I am going to call it on the Internet for millions of people to ignore. The thing I’m calling this time? The destruction of the world by patent and copyright law.

It seems like every electronics company is suing, or getting sued by another electronics company. More over, it also seems like Apple is doing most of the suing. (that rhymes if you say it right) Then, we have the mergers of AT&T with T-Mobile and Google with Motorola under the scrutiny of the other companies and the DOJ. And now, I saw an article saying LG is trying to stop BMW among others from importing cars.

What is wrong with the world? It seems like everytime Apple (just as an example) comes up with a fancy new way for you to swipe your finger across one of it’s devices, they claim it’s proprietary. Then, if anyone was to use this “natural” finger movement Apple sues them for 13 different patents. Then Apple gets sued for stealing code. Then Google gets sued for stealing code. Then Samsung gets sued for using Google’s operating system while Google isn’t actually sued for that. Then we have the people who are using open source code (which is supposed to be free) because someone copyrighted a small piece of that code and forgot to let people know that the open source code they think they’re using is actually protected by law and they need to pay the people who put those lines of code in there or get sued.

Do you follow?

So, what am I calling? I’m calling the ceaseing rate of advancing technology. In a few years from now things are just going to get worse. Technology will not advance if no one will let it. This whole “intellectual property” thing is just a waste of time. Just because Apple came up with it at their super-secret facility doesn’t mean nobody else on the planet won’t come up with that idea on their own. Hell, I’ve “invented” many technologies over the years, only to find out it already exists. Why Apple gets to patent finger movements is beyond me (although I hear they lost the ability to patent those types of things).

Eventually there will be no innovation. The people with ideas won’t be able to make them a realitiy because some big company owns the type of wire they plan to use. Technology will come to a standstill as the big companies chase profits instead of the future. But just think, now you’ll be able to say you saw this coming.

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