Fast Facts Questionaire from Old Blog

Fast facts

  • At the movies I like to see: Movies.
  • Last movie seen: Letters to God
  • Music I listen to: is usually played with instruments, but not always.
  • Best album right now: What’s an album? You mean those giant, black CD’s?
  • Favorite author: book writers.
  • Last book read: Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
  • Best game right now: Solitaire.
  • Favorite sports team: The one that won.
  • I’m passionate about: being passionate!
  • I wish I could: Talk to God
  • Favorite travel destination: Round trip: Couch to Fridge.
  • On my vacation I..: become very lazy and annoyed.
  • If I won 1 million dollars, I would: be a million dollars richer.
  • If I were a super hero I would: not tell you, duh!
  • Fashion I rather not see again: Clothes.
  • My worst purchase ever: Apple iPod.
  • I want my coffee..: to taste like tea.
  • Food I like: Dead animals.
  • I don’t like: Pointless questions.
  • Software I use: uh, really? Do I say “Opera” or just let people think about this for a while…?
  • Hardware I use: the hard kind.
  • I discovered My Opera from: Opera.

From my old blog (the semi-original Adult Under Constructon blog) located at My Opera.

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