My New Phone

My new phone, the one I spoke about in my last post, is a very nice little phone. Yet, for some reason I am sad. I am able to find apps for my phone that are useful. However, I am not able to find the perfect app. This leaves me weary about the future of my phone. Let me explain:

I have the Nokia Lumia 900, a Windows Phone. It is an awesome phone. The thing I like about it most is how easy it is to connect with my Windows PC and Xbox; in many different ways. Just the other day I found out how to send video, music, and pictures to my Xbox in real time. But you can do that with other phones as well. I can also access all my documents through SkyDrive, access music through my Zune pass, backup all my photos automatically to my SkyDrive, post messages to multiple accounts and it does all of this natively. And I absolutely love the dedicated camera button.

Again, there are other phones which can do much of this. Some natively, others only through third party apps. But it’s so much more than what it can do. It’s also about how it does it. Everything is nice and fluid. Everything is very intuitive. Everything is simple. And everything I want to do gets done fast.

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