Everyone Starts Somewhere, Right?

This post will obviously show up where ever these show up for my WordPress followers. But it will also post to my Facebook page and to Twitter. Heck, it will even post to Google+. (that’s still around?!) It will be in enough places that SOMEONE will eventually run into it. I made it soft this time so it won’t hurt. So run like the wind bullseye! However, when I watch all these cool videos on YouTube and read all these fascinating posts on WordPress or [insert blog format here] I get that feeling…

You know the feeling I’m talking about. It’s that feeling you get at Thanksgiving when all of your family is sitting around the table. You look around and contemplate the gene pool from which you’ve arisen. Cousin Billy is getting divorced so he can re-marry his first wife, Uncle Ted just turned 40 and bought a motorcycle because he swears he’s always wanted one, your sister is dating some guy who wears white makeup to make himself look as pale as snow and carries around a locket he got from Zan-bard (the alien overlord who abducted him last Tuesday… for the third time…), Aunt Carrie got a boob job, Mark just bought an underwater house, your brother is getting married to his dog, and your little cousin eats nothing but jelly beans. And you think to yourself,

“We could have our own reality show.”

I have heard no less than 5 people say something to this effect, albeit not about my family. My friend thinks her family could have a reality show. My lunch table in high school told this girl she should become a comedian. (She-comedian? Comediantress? Comedi-Anne?… Lady Laugh Box?… I’ll stick with comedian.) And nowadays, it’s normal for someone to say something like,

“Kick it, bruh! You should totes be on YouTube with that wicked crazy shuff, cray!”

I’m paraphrasing…

So, the “feels” I’m talking about are those strange moments when you’re watching PewDiePie or jacksepticeye play some stupid web game while recording their own reactions, and you think to yourself,

“Wow. All they did was behave like I did when I was 10 years old playing my SNES games. And they have millions of subscribers, and hundreds-of-thousands to millions of views per video… For behaving like a 10 year old. In a video. Online. Wow.”

(I couldn’t think of a funny way to say that. Also, I think I should add that, no, I did not cuss like them when I was 10 years old.)

I am literally left thinking about how me and my friends acted when we were playing video games. You always assume you’re hilarious. But really, when other people get in on the action, you figure out just how lame you are. And you stop. And you grow up. To be a productive member of society. Or a jewel thief. Just be yourself, man.

Yet here are just two examples of grown men (young men, but still legal adults who can, like, drink and stuff…) who sit around and make videos that are akin to my 10 year old self playing Super Mario Kart on the SNES. And they’re not the only ones acting like fools (and doing a lot of cussing) while playing video games and recording the whole ordeal.

Ever heard of Twitch?

My point is that I believe I could do that. And, yes, I believe it would be easy. I have already tried this out many times (not counting 5th grade me) whether it was playing with cousins, or playing a video game with kids at the community center where I work. They all seem to get a kick out of watching me react to the game in crazy ways… or they like watching me suck. But, it’s probably my humorous antics and funny catch-phrases. Although, I am not good at most video games, whatsoever. Except, LEGO video games. I am the bomb at LEGO video games. And, I’m pretty good at Mario games as well. Any side scrolling platformer, really. Have you ever heard of #IDARB? That is a great game. That reminds me: I need to look and see what the free Xbox Live Games with Gold game is this month….. I totally forgot my point…

My point is: if they can do it, I can do it. Because I do it already anyway. But do I really want to do it, or do I just want the fame and recognition, the likes and follows and subscribers? Do I want to do it because I want to do it or because if I do it I could end up with lots of people who “love me?” The little communities these YouTube stars have is nice. I would love one. (I’d probably have to churn out more than one post a quarter, though.) But is the effort worth it?

Actually, to be honest, that’s not the problem. The problem is that I’m (like usual) as scared as a cat taking a nap on the hood of the car right after you honk the horn. (take a moment to picture that. . . . . . now quit ROFL-ing and continue reading) Except, I know the horn is going to honk. Actually, I’m the one who gives the command to honk the horn. So, in essence, I am the one who is responsible for scaring myself… my fears are the horn… maybe. Or maybe the cat is my blogs… NO! Wait, I got it: The fear of the cat is the horn through which I blow it if I don’t get this metaphor tied up nicely… Oh, nevermind.

I guess, like the title of the post says, everyone starts somewhere. If you don’t believe me just look at the “Draw My Life” videos on YouTube. People who have accomplished a lot make a YouTube video in the style of Minute Physics (or whoever started the “draw on a whiteboard for the video instead of using fancy graphics” style). They portray their life in the oily dry erase ink and show where they were and how they got to where they are. And they all started somewhere, that’s for sure. What’s not sure is if there is a somewhere that does not lead to subscribers, followers, likes, and Patrons. Is there a way the whole, “spout off my mouth on YouTube” thing doesn’t work? Or do they all work? Or, do only the ones who make it their “thing they do” and not try too hard to be anything other than themselves end up succeeding?

What is success?

What is life?

Why are we here?

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Hershey’s or Nestles?

Coke or Pepsi?

The world is full of important questions like these. However, as with all things, they never get solved by sitting around on the Internet at 1:00 in the morning whining because you don’t have a millions subscribers due to your own laziness.

Digg it?

Diggs out.

(P.S. – I am not sponsored by anyone. Not even Xbox. Even though I did put a weird sentence in where I displayed the name of the Xbox Live Games with Gold program. You know, the one which costs less than $10 a month. You get Xbox Live Gold, Games with Gold which gives you discounts and FREE games each month, and access to other premium content. And I’m talking serious games. Not like crappy indie games no one buys. And you get games for your Xbox 360 AND your Xbox One. The value is immense! Xbox rules! But seriously, I’m not sponsored by Xbox… yet… 😉

(P.P.S. – I seriously have no sponsors. Except Jesus. Shout out to JC! Love ya man! Peace brother.)

(P.P.P.S. – there’s a storm nearby, so if you could all pray that I don’t get struck by lightning, that’d be great.)

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