Things Are Coming…

Very interesting things are happening. Watch for interesting things to come. They will be interesting.

“How interesting,” you say?

I guess you’ll never know.

“Then why are you saying there will be interesting things if I’ll never know?”

What? No, I was trying to make a joke.

“Well, it fell flat…”

Sorry *eye roll* I won’t waste your time with humor in the future.

“Thanks. I appreciate that.”


“Now, what are these ‘exciting things’ that are coming?”

Oh! They are things. That are exciting. And coming.


What? If I told you right now they wouldn’t be exciting things that are coming, they’d be exciting things that are here. And they definitely are not here yet.




Ok. I just- I- I just don’t know you anymore.


… ok, I have to go wash my beard. TTYL (maybe)

-Diggs out

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