Driving Around Town

This weekend I got bored. So I grabbed my GoPro, suction cupped it to the windshield of my car, and drove around town for 20 minutes.

But seeing as the universe objects to every desire I have ever had, the GoPro lost that 20 minute video.

No matter.

I intended to record some thoughts. I even put my Bluetooth headset in my ear so I wouldn’t look crazy taking to myself. Alas, my self consciousness took over and instead of recording my thoughts, I recorded my facial expressions while thinking about my thoughts. I was only upset that those 20 minutes were gone because my GoPro is a butt. It does this: records a video or two, takes a picture or two, then refuses to record anything ever again…until I reformat the SD card. Then the whole cycle begins again.

This recently became a bigger issue when I was trying to use it at the Center’s lock-in. I wanted to get a time lapse of the inflatable inflating. However, the GoPro gods decided to say “nay” on that. I eventually formatted the SD card and updated the GoPro’s firmware. That got it working for the rest of the night. We got some first-person footage of kids running through the inflatable. And I was able to get a time lapse of the inflatable deflating.

This bugs me so much because A.)  I paid a lot of money for this GoPro (which I hardly ever use), and B.)  if I really wanted to use it for something, I cannot be 100% sure it will actually work. I did purchase a new SD card, made for taking HD video with action cameras. If that doesn’t make the thing work reliably then I’m screwed.

But you never know. Oh, sorry…

I guess I’ll never be taking any video of my wonderful, deep thoughts while driving around town. This GoPro just doesn’t seem to want to cooperate. And I don’t want to let it all out there only to find out it didn’t go anywhere (i.e. the GoPro didn’t record).

But you never know.

(ah, continuity)

I have other cameras, and I have my phone(s), and tablets, and laptop, and desktop, etc. etc. etc. The possibility of that is getting better. I’ve always wanted to be a YouTube star. There are a few people who agree with me as well. I’m just not sure if it’s worth it. Is there really enough space on the web for one more opinionated jerk who thinks he knows better than everyone else on the planet? That sounds like a pretty big thing.


Diggs out.

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