What Big Things?

So, a while back I promised that big things were coming. And they are… for me.

For the Internet? Maybe not.

I have many projects that I would like to work on after I move. Oh. I’m moving to Florida if you didn’t know. Not that you need to know. I could live in the south Sahara and it wouldn’t really change my blog. I might talk about sand more… 

“Hey, so, this camel spit a whole 3.5 meters yesterday! It was a crazy day.”

Anyway, after my move I’m not going to “find myself” or go on a quest to discover the true me. This move is about change. But it’s not about changing who I am. I know who I am. This change will hopefully allow me the time to actually BE who I am.

So those projects and “big things” that are a-comin’ are probably going to happen. For once I will hopefully be in a situation where I’m not bogged down with so many other responsibilities and duties *snicker* and I’ll be able to just… well, I’ll be able to just BE.

I want to do more on my blog. I want to do YouTube. I want a cool website. I want to teach people about things. I want to talk about God and Jesus. I want to change people’s lives. But more importantly I just want to be me, do the things I love, and have fun.

So, unless I slack off like usual, I’ll see you one last time before I make the jump to Florida.

Gotta find my springy shoes first. 😀

Diggs out.

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