People Don’t Get Chat

I play Pokemon Go

(ever-y day!)

And one of the main aspects of the game is catching Pokemon.

You’d think there’d be a way to tell other people you’ve found certain types of Pokemon in certain places. Then they could visit those places and catch those Pokemon; which they have been searching all over God’s green Kanto to find!


Facebook exists. And so does Twitter, Instagram, Discord, etc, etc, etc…

So, never mind. I guess that fixes everything.


People suck. Like, a normal amount. Nothing new really happened today. “People” didn’t, like, hit a new level of suckiness. They just… argh! man…

So I am in no less than two Facebook group chats. Ok, it’s exactly two, but who’s counting?

In these groups we try to point out where raids are happening, and if- what? Oh.

A “raid” is when a certain Pokemon temporarily takes over a gym. Trainers (that’s what we call ourselves) then have to group together to battle the raid boss and defeat him. When they defeat him, they have a chance to catch him.


So, the group chats exist to coordinate attacks on raid bosses. Don’t worry. They have it coming.

The problem is that I don’t have a car.

I usually have the group chat muted, unless I have a car available. Today, the group chat unmuted itself (it does that sometimes) and I noticed that someone pointed out a legendary raid at the theatre near me. I logged into Pokemon Go and saw the raid. I asked if anyone was still there…

no answer…

So, I jumped on my bike and headed off. I missed my turn looking at the group chat:

ANOTHER legendary raid near me! At the church by Jack in the Box. Someone commented that they would love to go to both, once they finished the raid they were currently doing.


So I headed off to the theatre. No one was there. Well, actually there were a bunch of people there, but that’s because there was a performance. But not ONE Pokemon Go player.

So I headed back to Jack in the Box. When I arrived, there was no more than zero… zero people were there.


I can see that you saw the messages. Facebook told me you saw it. You’re not fooling anyone!

So, I decided to go downtown. It was a trek, but it was fun to just ride. I caught a lot. I biked down to the riverfront park. All along, there was nobody posting in the group chat.

Then I saw a legendary egg.

Now, about these “eggs”:  before a raid boss takes over a gym, it just sits in a egg. In yellow or pink eggs, there’s many Pokemon that could hatch. But only ONE Pokemon can hatch out of a legendary raid egg right now – Raikou. That’s it. That’s the only one.

So, when I posted a screenshot of the legendary egg that would be hatching soon, I half expected to start a conversation:

“Oh, cool. Who’s going?”

“I can make it.”

“Ya, imma get food and come down.”

“Me and my children will be there.”

“Lets do dis!!”


Another person posted a screenshot of a Raikou raid across town. There was no way I could make that. Also… no one replied to my message.

So, I headed home. Caught some more Pokemon. Saw a person I knew… twice. Tried to take on a level two raid by myself (that didn’t go well). And on my way home some one posted a message…

“Raikou raid downtown.”

I was too far gone, and I wasn’t going back. Apparently, a bunch of people went to this one as well… By the time I got home the raid was probably over. I had an available car, but there was no reason to even try. Someone posted some more raids available at the local college, but I just wasn’t feeling it anymore. I was tired, sweaty, and hungry.

Here’s what I want to know: why don’t you respond? WHY!?

When someone posts something in a group chat, that’s meant to be used to meet up, and someone wants to meet up, and you can or cannot meet up, THEN SAY SOMETHING! I, like everyone else, will not just show up if I don’t KNOW whether or not anyone else will be there.

That’s how this works!

It’s just frustrating that I see all these people looking at the group chat, but none of them reply. How are we possibly supposed to get together to do raids if no one actually talks to one another?


-Diggs out

P.S. – Niantic needs to figure out this raid thing. If I take a group out to the park, and we catch some Pokemon, but then go downtown, and THEN a raid starts at the park, that’s stupid!

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