Streak Broken


My streak was broken. It wasn’t a great streak, but it was still consistent. And unbroken.

I wanted to post more. I had posted every month since some time near last Christmas. But in the last few months, I have not posted at all.


I’m not gonna lie: I half expected to post all the time. These posts would be funny, insightful, and a little self-deprecating. After all my subscriber raved at how funny I was, how I made them think, and how I impacted their lives I would naturally move to YouTube (or another platform…) and get seriously famous.


However… none of that has happened. Which is fine. I don’t NEEEEEEEEED it to happen. It would just be nice.

More importantly, though, is the issue of consistency. I can consistently do other things daily. I wake up daily. I eat daily. But seriously, I play Pokemon Go daily to get my daily catch and pokestop spin bonus. I also post the daily Bible verse on Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr. I don’t draw hardly ever anymore. I don’t even watch YouTube everyday like I used to. I rarely walk (but it getting cold outside…). I don’t make videos anymore, even of my Pokemon Go adventures. I don’t even hang out with my nephew all that much.

*teardrop runs down cheek*

I think the most soul crushing thing that has happened (or not been happening) is well… the state of my soul.

Have you ever wondered WWJD? (that’s What Would Jesus Do, for those who don’t know) I’m certain, if you’re a Christian, you have wondered this before. But it seems that people tend to just use this to get people to be nice. After all, Jesus didn’t have the Internet, so WWJD about using the Internet? Well: (a.)

Ok, I’m not going to list anything. I’m just going to say that Jesus knows about everything we have, we are, we do, we think, we say… So, he has an opinion on everything in our world. And I believe that everything falls back on the idea of “how are you going to use it: (a.) to spread the Gospel? (b.) not to spread the Gospel?

I ask WWJD all the time about everything. But, for whatever reason, my answers don’t seem to help. They don’t change the world. They don’t stop racism. They don’t feed the hungry and clothe the naked. They don’t make the world a better place for believers and non-believers alike. So… what’s up?

I had a little argument today. Afterwards I thought about my thinking. It seems to me that we, as Christians or anyone really, cannot change the world. The world is what it is. We can’t change it. What we can do is introduce people to Jesus. Then, we just let the Holy Spirit do it’s work on their hearts. The world won’t even matter when we die, and it definitely won’t matter when Jesus returns in the final days.

So, I’m not going to try and change the world. I’m not going to try and change anything. I’m simply going to plant seeds and let the Holy Spirit tend to the garden.

-Diggs out

P.S. – just don’t argue. What does it accomplish?

P.P.S. – I just went back and looked at my posts and it turns out I only missed September… so, not as dire as I thought, but I can do better.

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