We All Want to be Harry Potter

My latest revelation is this:

We all want to be Harry Potter.

Let me explain.

As we go through life, and watch way too many TV shows and movies, we begin to notice that we are not all that special. We don’t have unique powers. We don’t have long lost royal relatives. We don’t get called on for our gifts or talents. And we don’t save the day at the end of the movie… because we’re not in a movie.

Some people, present blogger included, may feel like they don’t matter. They may feel like they aren’t really that useful for much. I would wager that most people feel like they could be doing more with their life. They feel like they are meant for greater things, or at least wish they were. They feel lost. Left behind. Like their life doesn’t matter. If they disappeared, no one would notice. Or even if someone noticed there would be no change in the world worth noting.

And thus, we dream.

We imagine ourselves as the hero. We battle the evil forces. We save the day.

But that’s boring.

We don’t necessarily want to be Superman (who, let’s face it, has no real weaknesses. I mean, if he wanted, he would find all the kryptonite on the planet and destroy it. At that point, he would be invincible… Why doesn’t he do that? He’s sooo nice that he doesn’t want to destroy all the kryptonite just because he has to break into Lex Luthor’s lab without his permission?)… Where was I?

We don’t want to be invincible. And we don’t want to just arrive and have the people of the city hoorah as we fly through the skyscrapers. We want it to be real. We want to overcome our own demons. However, instead of searching the deep darkness of our own souls, we once again romanticize our own story…

As we sit in our own drab life, living one moment to the next, unsure of our own fate, and too frightened to dare move forward, we wait for our own demise. But we dream of a better life. A life where we meant something. A life where people loved us. Where we were important. Where we were different. And then


A giant bursts into your house and claims you’re a great and powerful wizard who is one day destined to defeat the lord of evil, and then marry your best friend’s sister, instead of the girl you totally should have ended up with because why would she marry Ron? He’s an idiot.

Now doesn’t that sound like you?

-Diggs out

P.S. – I literally DO NOT want to be Harry Potter. He’s too whiny for me. Besides, I write my own stories.

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