You Win This One Facebook: How Congress is Stupid

Let’s face it:

lawmakers don’t know what they’re talking about.

They never have.

And quite frankly, they never will.

This week has been an eye opener. Not because Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was forced to unwrap his companies deepest secrets, but because our government has no idea what Facebook is or how it functions.

And instead, they focus on fear-mongering.

Let’s face it:

Congress doesn’t know how Facebook works any more than the creator of Facebook knows how to talk to girls. Ok, that’s a little mean. But still, lawmakers are in general older people who do not use technology which is currently popular among the general public.

And you know who else doesn’t use or understand the current technologies?

The general public.

That’s why this whole Facebook before Congress thing was a waste of time. Facebook is only worried about continuing to operate. If they have to follow regulations that will impede their ability to make money, or they have to follow laws about data collection that make it impossible to deliver services that actually work, then they will fight back.

But if you just ask them about one instance they’ve already discussed over and over again (news you can read about ALL OVER THE INTERNET) you are wasting your time… aren’t you?

If Congress can convince the general population that Facebook went waaaay overboard and violated their First Amendment rights, they have opened a gate to regulating every other Internet-based service. Regulation that might require so much “safety precautions” that some sites have to shut down. OR if companies like Facebook want to continue operating, Congress might strike a deal with them, making the regulations not-so-bad. Rather they’ll be just-bad-enough to force change while also appeasing the everyday schmuck’s dull little mind which thinks “ads bad, freedom good, internet dangerous.”

So, you see, Congress might have been stupid on accident, or they might have been stupid on purpose. If they make this whole thing seem scary some people will side with them and actually want them to regulate every part of the Internet. If they get to regulate the Internet, they get to control the Internet. And if there’s one thing the government would love to control it’s the Internet.

Let’s face it:

People are kind of stupid. They get scared easily. Just think about how easy it would be to control a room of parents who are voting for some school board representative. You just comment on how this opponent obviously doesn’t care about the safety of their children. After all, what is he planning to do about school shootings? How about fires and tornadoes? How long until the children get better chairs, up to date text books, modern technology…? Pretty soon, he looks so bad even though he hasn’t had a chance to do anything yet, nobody is going to vote for him.

And that’s what I think Congress was trying to do here. They weren’t trying to resolve anything or find out any information. Maybe a few of these representatives were, but most of them were building fear in the hopes that the American people would cry out for legislation to control Internet companies like Facebook and save us from their evil ways. Especially the reps who just repeated the same questions over and over again, or took their time to tell everyone what they thought, or just blabbed on about something they wanted to talk about.

But, let’s face it:

In the end, the big businesses win. Why? Because they have the money. Lawmakers such as our wonderful reps in Congress don’t really care about the big issues. They care about the issue that will put them in office the next election. And some of them care about kickbacks, gifts, and funding they magically receive after voting the opposite of how they said they would vote to help support some event where they get to show everyone how great they are for caring about [insert charity here].

Not all of them are bad, I know. But…

Let’s face it:

most of them are.

-Diggs out

P.S. – I hate politics and politicians and business people and lawyers and any idiot who speaks of “technically” instead of “common sense-ly”.

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