A Special Kind of Yodel Person

Who are you, Yodel Boy?

I mean, I know who you are. That’s pretty easy to find out. You sang at Coachella, you were on the Ellen DeGeneres show, and you are all over the Internet. You’ve been remixed and reacted to. You love to sing. You love to yodel.


Who are you?

Whooooooo are you? Who who, who who?

All I really want to know.

Whooooooo are you?


Now that I got that song stuck in your head let’s get down to brass tacks.

Yodel Boy’s real name is Mason Ramsey. He’s literally been to the end of the Internet and back. And he actually did all of the things above. He loves yodeling and apparently does it at his local Wal-Mart in a small Illinois town quite often.

So, I know who he is. Maybe that’s not the question I’m really asking.

I think the question I’m really asking is, “What kind of person are you, Mason?”

Seriously, I know it’s Wal-Mart, but what kind of person just walks into Wal-Mart and starts singing? And not “lah-dee-dah I have this song stuck in my head and I’m gonna sing the refrain every few minutes.” But rather walking in, picking a spot, and then performing.

And honestly, one answer to that question is, “any child who wants to perform.” After all, we’re talking about Yodel Boy, not Yodel Middle-aged Man. I can see a kid doing something like this.

And I have.

But I haven’t.

I mean, I’ve seen kids setup shop and do their thing, oblivious to the ridiculousness of their venture. But I personally have never done anything more than setup a lemonade stand or wave at cars passing by to see how many honks we can get.

Maybe it’s passion. Maybe it’s innocence. Maybe it’s a drive to be great and the desire to work his way up; even though he no longer has to work that hard, thanks to the Internet.

But whatever it is, I really want to know:

Why does he have it and I don’t?

I’ve worked hard for things before, but I shy away from “performing” in front of other people. I could be better at a lot of things but I just don’t care about them that much to continue pushing. For example, just look at my growing YouTube channel with my weekly uploads and my millions of subscribers, and my huge following on social media, and all the meet and greets I do at all the conventions. /s

The only way, actually, that I’ve been in the mindset to take on a challenge and push myself to do something uncomfortable is when a family member, friend, or child is too anxious or scared to do something. All of a sudden I’m the most extroverted person you’ve ever seen. I’m the hero, I’m making people laugh, or I’m just helping someone who’s having a hard time.

But I’d never do that for myself.

So, Mason, buddy, you are special. You had a dream and you went for it. You literally started at the bottom (sorry Wal-Mart) and now you’re here. You put yourself out there, and now you’re famous. And let’s face it: yodeling is not something anyone would think could make you famous. It’s a miracle that so many people actually like your singing… no offense. You’ve been to music festivals, radio shows, daytime talk shows, and you’ve been featured all over the Internet.

And the whole time, you’ve just kept on doing what you love.

Keep on keeping on, Yodel Boy.

-Diggs out

P.S. – you little punk. How dare you have the ability to perform in front of a live audience AND enjoy it. 😉 j/k

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