God’s Watching Out For You (and me)

I finally have an example I remember, because it happened just now. So I’m going to write it down right now so I don’t forget later.

Oh ya, what I’m talking about…

I have had experiences where I realized God is teaching me something or calling me out. There’s been things like getting mad at crazy drivers, becoming a crazy driver, and then being stuck behind a slow person or at multiple red lights in a row, all under 5 minutes. I knew I should give people the benefit of the doubt. I knew they were technically following the law, but it was just inconvenient for me at that time. And when I got put in my place I knew God was the one putting me in that place.

Yet there are other times when it just seems like something worked out (or it completely failed) and there’s no logical reason why. But when I think about everything that would have had to take place, it seems like a part of a grand, cosmic plan setup by someone who has control over time and space.

And still other times I feel a little narcissistic when I think of all the other people and events that needed to be lined up just for me to end up where I did. As if God choreographed an entire series of events just to make sure I “got that job” or I “couldn’t go to that vacation.” Am I really that special?

Maybe, maybe not. Depends on who you ask, probably.

But anyway, here’s my story tonight.

I have been walking. Mostly to stay healthy… well, ok, mostly to play Pokémon Go BUT ALSO to stay healthy. I basically just leave my house and walk as far as I feel like walking. I hit a few Pokestops and Gyms while I’m out, and their locations pretty much dictate which way I walk. Sometimes I walk a lot, and sometimes I just take a quick stroll.

Tonight was going to be a long walk. However, I got interrupted.

Now, normally, running out of Pokeballs would be enough to route me back home. But tonight I was determined to keep walking. After all, even if I ran out of Pokeballs I could still hatch eggs and walk my buddy to get candies. So, that’s what I was going to do.

Before I left, I thought about using the bathroom. You know, because, like your mother always says, “you’ll have to go later, and you’ll be in the middle of your game, and you’ll have to go, and you can’t go, and the coach will yell out to you, and you’ll look at him and then you’ll pee your pants right in front of everyone and they’ll all laugh at you and call you pee-pants. Is that what you want?”

Well, I didn’t go.

So not even halfway through my walk I decided to head home. I was running out of Pokeballs anyway (I was already in Pokeball conservation mode). So, I figured I’d just call it a night.

Also, there was rain in the area. That tropical storm was heading up the mainland, and I guess we’re getting the leftovers soon. But, it wasn’t that close to me.

Or was it?

So, I didn’t pee before I left. Now I had to pee. So I headed home to pee. Sorry for saying “pee” so many times.

I got home and p- … used the restroom, and then had a very quick meal of leftovers. After “dinner” I got on my computer and started sorting my YouTube videos for my daily evening veg-out.

*creepy, ghostly, whistle noise*

I heard the notification on my phone for “rain nearby.” I got on my computer to look at the radar, and yeah, it was pretty close.

And suddenly, it all made sense.

Went on walk. Should have used restroom before walk. Didn’t. Needed to use restroom. Headed home, cutting walk short. Got home, ate quick dinner, got on computer. Phone buzzed, rain notification: those storms moved in faster than I thought they were moving. I would still be walking if I hadn’t needed to use the restroom.

Basically, if I would have gone on another extended walk like I have been doing I would have still been out there when the rain hit. Realistically, I suppose, my phone would have alerted me, I would have checked the map a few times anyway, and I would have seen or even heard it coming. So it’s not like it would have snuck up on me.

But this all happened without me having to think about it. Something came up, I headed home, and I was kept safe from danger.

It may not be a remarkable thing that happened (like the time I may have saved a guy from getting t-boned at an intersection), but I think it’s pretty remarkable to think that God cares about even the most “first-world-problem” nonsense that happens in our lives.

I could have been caught out in the rain, but instead I am safe at home.

-Diggs out

P.S. – smile, God loves you.

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