An Actual Good Question

Out of all the questions I ask about my life:

What should I wear, what should I eat, what should I say, how should I speak, where should I go, where should I be, how should I act, who should I see, who should I stay away from, what is good for me…?

The question “what am I supposed to eat?” is actually a good question.

Most of these questions are reactionary. Someone is mean, and I tell them how mean they’re being, and another person says, “you shouldn’t treat them like that.” So my response is “well how the heck AM I supposed to treat them, then?!”

But those are more of a frustrated ponderance. As if to say “just let me be mad about this for a second so I can get over it.” They’re not real questions that I want or expect real answers to.

But food?

I’ve been eating food all my life. And, not to brag, but I’ve gotten pretty good at it. And I can eat all kinds of things: sugary sweets, juicy meats, fluffy cakes, sizzling bacon, fried chicken, double quarter pounder with cheese, OOH chocolate cake with a side of ice cream, and macaroni and cheese is the best, and also lasagna…

As I was saying, though, I’ve always eaten a certain way. During my childhood it was mostly home cooked meals. My mom cooked food for us. Sometimes my grandma would cook food for us. And lunches at my school were pretty much home cooked, just at the school. We didn’t eat out very often, although we asked to eat out all the time. We also didn’t eat candy, junk food, or cakes all that often. Fruits and vegetables with our meals was the norm. Cake was for birthdays or other special occasions. Candy was only around during Halloween, Easter, and a few other holidays. Snacks and junk food was also a birthday party or special event type of food. Every now and then we would have chips with sandwiches, or ice cream on a summer day, or get a candy bar at the pool. But meals were still a main course with vegetables of some kind.

But as I got older, fast food became more normal. As our lives got busier there was no time to eat a meal together, even though we still tried. So, random meals would happen. Actually, I would make a lot of the meals (mostly mac and cheese). There were lots of microwavable meals as well. We didn’t eat “home cooked meals” that often anymore. Now those were reserved for special occasions, holidays, birthdays, and celebrations.

And now I’m all confused. Why? Because if I can’t go out and get a burger, or order a pizza, and just consider that my whole meal, then what am I supposed to eat?

Actually, lets look at what’s really happening:

The Doctor says I need to eat more fruits and vegetables. That’s fine. I can eat more fruits instead of snacking on chips and cakes. Check that off. And I can cook more vegetables with my meals. Check that off, too. But the Doctor also wants me to eat less carbs and more whole grain. So… no more sandwiches and burgers… or pasta… or pizza? Really, no more anything!

For real! What am I supposed to eat? If I need to stay away from mac and cheese, burgers, pastas, meats, starches, carbs, sugars, and fats what is left?

I can’t just eat fruits and vegetables and chicken…


I guess I’ll figure it out. There has to be something out there I can eat.

-Diggs out

P.S. – I’m feeling different since starting my new diet. Is this hunger? 😆

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