Quantity Over Quality

I know that sounds backwards, but let me explain.

Most people would probably prefer to make something of good quality, over making a bunch of stuff with poor quality. We actually think that “Made in America” means “quality” and “Made in China” means little kids spend their childhood pumping out millions of some cheap crap. But that’s not entirely true.

First of all, if China wants to import goods to the USA, they have to meet certain product quality standards. And they know that every time lead is found in products made in China, Americans get more iffy about importing them. I mean, realistically not much is done, especially by the average consumer… but I was making a point and now you ruined it. Congratulations!

Ok, no more metaphor.

My new thing is all about doing. I am drawing something every day (I call it “free-sketching”). I am also writing something every day (known as free writing, which is where I got the term “free-sketching”). And I am writing something on this very blog every Wednesday.

Yes I missed yesterday but I’m here today get over it.

The whole point isn’t necessarily to create the next great American novel. It’s just to do something, and to do it consistently. After all, that’s my biggest problem. I am purposely choosing quantity over quality. I am purposely choosing to make stuff without worrying about how it will turn out. I am purposely creating without a purpose, except for the purpose of just creating. I don’t expect it to be good. I don’t expect it to become bigger. I just make it to make it. I use it as practice. I use it to explore. And I use it to make mistakes, and then learn from them to get better.

Quantity over quality.

But only right now. And definitely not with, like, food or clothing or technology. I would much rather watch a great movie than a hundred crappy movies, too. This is more of a loose training exercise, not a life mantra.

-Diggs out

P.S. – Free writing is very therapeutic. You should try it sometime.

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