Where’s the Inspiration Gone?

You probably didn’t know this, but I design t-shirts.

I actually design a lot of things. Most of it is just me playing around with designs, or attempting to redesign something just to see what other variants would look like. I never do anything with any of it. Except for the shirts.

But… I am just not inspired anymore.

It’s just like with my comic. In high school I created this comic called Faceless. Named so, because my characters did not have faces, except for facial expressions used only to show emotions. Standard face for the characters was just nothing, though. And in high school I was very inspired. Of course, I was a teenager, so I knew everything and had lots of wisdom to expel. But I also had boredom. And like most other teens in my time we just took things off the Internet and repurposed them (or didn’t pay for them…). So I literally had everything in the world to use.

But, now that I have no boredom nor any desire to just recreate Garfield comics with my own characters, I have no inspiration for new comics. Every so often I come up with an idea, and some of those ideas have lead to a new comic strip. But only just as often as an idea produces a new t-shirt, or blog post, or video.

The truth is I have lots of ideas, but these days most of them are about work or my personal life. Ways to complete work tasks more efficiently. Fears of future prospects and ways “we” could fix the economy. In a sense you could say that I’ve… grown up…

And that doesn’t help me make t-shirts.

-Diggs out

P.S. – this was not an ad for my t-shirts.

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