My Epiphany Crashed

I was recently talking to a former employee at my current place of employment, a.k.a., my job. We were talking about my exploits in the world of YouTubing. At one point he asked, “are you staying here?”

And I completely misunderstood…

You see, we were talking about Minecraft. We previously had a server that we would play on. I played more than him and his friends. And he was beginning to play less and less, but still paying for the server. So, he decided to stop paying for it. I was probably planning on recording some gameplay someday maybe we’ll see I guess I dunno how it’s gonna work out so let’s just let the cards fall where they land, ok? So, I asked him for the world save so I could continue playing on it, and maybe even create my own server to stick it on. I’ve done this many times before.

But he never got it to me… and then I see him tonight. He was stopping by to ask about taxes or something and just so happened to catch me. As we talked about a few things he mentioned he has to get me that world save. And I said, “uh, yeah you do!” Just kidding, I really didn’t say much other than, “yeah, cool.”

And then he asked, “Are you going to stay here?”

My mind immediately jumped to my future at my current job. After me and my technically boss-man just got done talking about employee training and our recent visit to a new restaurant in town, I was pondering just how long I myself would be at this job. And now… will I be here forever? How long am I going to stay here? What is my future? What if YouTube takes off? What if I put in my all? Like, I could do it if I really put my mind to it. I could take control of my life. I could be my own boss, set my own schedules, and do something I love and enjoy doing every day with the possibility to pursue other endeavors as the opportunity arises. It would be great.

Then I realize he was asking if I was sticking around at the store for a bit, so he could run to get a thumb drive with the Minecraft world save on it…

But for a brief moment, I was on my way to living out my dreams.

-Diggs out

P.S. – I guess I could possibly still pursue something like what I described as a dream that I may have floating around in my head. Maybe.

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