The Drop Off

I had a dream.

People were lined up in front of, what began as, a supermarket. They approached one small, standing-height desk with an attendant, much like you would see at a movie theater. After passing off something and possibly getting a paper from the attendant they would proceed to another area; a counter, sectioned off from the lobby as in a bank.

When it was my turn I handed in my papers.

“What would you like to forget?”

I’m pretty sure that was the question.

I had a piece of notebook paper which was ragged as a note being sent home by a teacher that I had hid in my pockets. I had one sentence on it. I no longer remember what it was. But whatever it was, I wanted to forget it.

The line moved fast, as if we were all just dropping off a letter into the mailbox. But as I approached the counter and handed off my paper I was asked, “why?” I didn’t really know what to say. I smiled, and politely said that I needed to move past it.

But the feeling said so much more.

I could feel the weight of this paper. It was much heavier than a standard 8 inch by 10 inch sheet of college-ruled notebook paper. I knew, whatever this was, I needed to let go. I needed to move past it. Forget it? Sure. But not in the sense that it never happened. Rather, in the sense that it was no longer going to run my life. I needed to move on from the trauma. I needed to put the past behind me.

Let go of the baggage I no longer need.

I was trapped in a world filled with ice and snow and blistering winds that howl through the night. But if I am to move on to warmer weather – if I am going to change – I cannot bring my winter clothes with me. Those coats and hats are no longer needed. They are baggage I no longer need to carry. And bringing them along “just in case” is stealing my confidence that the nice weather I now see will soon change again. The storms are coming. I cannot stop them… so why even bother.

I need to let it go. I need to move on. I need to have hope in a better future, and faith in the One who will lead me there.

So I turned in my paper, and the lady behind the counter stamped it and filed it away. I turned and left the supermarket bank, assured that I no longer needed to think about that piece of paper, and the weight it carried. I left my fears and anxieties behind as I walked off into my future. A future where I will make history.

This was supposed to be just a YouTube video description. But I just kept writing it as it came to me. So, now it’s still just a YouTube video description, but also the opening script for that YouTube video. I’ll post the video when I have it done.

Diggs out

P.S. – lots of stuff going on this year. Pandemic, aliens, murder hornets, riots, politics, and the occasional business having to close down. Tough year. Let’s pray we can make it better.

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