Why is it MY Job to Watch Out for You?

As I leave work – a frozen custard shoppe which also sell smoothies, coffees, lattes, and baked goods – I see a small family or two sitting in the grass of the lot next door. They are in the shade of the trees on a blanket just relaxing, while one of the kids is running around trying to get his kite to fly. Presumably, they just bought some desserts and were enjoying the warm, spring weather. It was a beautiful sight after all the seclusion brought on by the latest global pandemic.

But I gots a problem with this!

I mean, I usually have a problem with people doing things that I’m unsure is right, correct, good-willed, nice, innocent, or basically no-big-deal. And let me tell you, brother, I was very much unsure.

But who cares, right?

Well… I do. And I need content, so here we go:

Reason #1 they were wrong

That is not their property. It is also not our property. So even to say “we got ice cream and then sat in the grass and had a picnic” doesn’t matter because that’s not our property to allow use of, even for family picnics.

Reason #II they were in the wrong

Our parking lot is for customers. And yes, they may have been a customer at one point. However, now they are simply loitering on private property as if they’re at a public park. And they have their car parked in one of our parking spots, taking away parking from our potential customers.

Reason #Tres

The kid flying the kite… near the POWER LINES! Yeah… this kid (actually there were two but the girl was only sitting with her kite on the ground when I was out there), this boy who’s trying to get his kite in the air at one point runs towards the power lines. So imagine a soccer field with a powerline hanging on poles about 16 feet up across the center of the field from goal to goal. And then some kid is trying to fly a kite on one side.

Reason Numero 4

I actually have no other reasons. But then again, those reasons why they were being stupid or doing the illegal wasn’t the point of this post anyway.

My point is the same as I already stated: who cares.

No question mark on that sentence because I’m not asking a question. I’m using the colloquial phrase meaning “I don’t care, nobody cares, you’re the only one that cares, shut up, nobody is listening to you, you’re dumb.”

But on a more serious note, seriously, who cares? Why should I care what they are doing? Why is it my job to police the parking lots? Why is it my job to raise other people’s children? Who died and made me chief of imaginary disaster prevention? Why do I have to think for other people? Why is it my job to watch out for other’s well being?

It’s not.

-Diggs out

P.S. – so basically you do what you do. If I ever tell you “you shouldn’t be doing that” I’ll have my reasons. But it’s still up to you to make your own choice, which I understand completely. However, breaking the law is breaking the law, so just in case it ever comes up – I told you so. ;P

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