Super Jesus and the Best Closing Chapter Ever in History

I was working on some computer stuff the other day and decided to turn on the TV. Avengers: Infinity War was on. So I watched for a bit. I got pulled away and by the time I returned to the TV the movie was over. But I just really really really wanted to watch the movie… So I thought, since I own it, I would watch from the point where I left off.

However, I watched Avengers: End Game instead.

As a Christian, it might seem strange to have such a passion for something that so blatantly rejoices in the fact that there are forces beyond Earth that are every bit God-like as anything we see in the real world, and more so in many cases.

But it’s just a bit of fun. And honestly, the Marvel movies are probably some of the best modern films to enjoy as a Christian. There are deep philosophies that are discussed in these films. Doing what is right. Facing fears and trials. Being brave in the face of danger. Standing up for those who can’t. And even laying down your life for friends and enemies alike.

Very Christian stuff, indeed.

And, yeah, there’s like aliens and stuff… but one of the best things I ever heard a Catholic priest say was that Jesus died for everyone’s sins, and that even means that if we find life on other planets he died for their sins too!

Just imagine going on a missions trip to Alpha Centauri!

So, anyway, the big scene was coming up. Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor were getting ready to face Thanos. The culmination of 10 years of films was getting ready to come to a close.

But then Thanos wipes the floor with the three main Avengers! Now they’re in peril! And then we hear a faint call…

“On your left”

Portals open all around and then the entirety of the Marvel Universe emerges. However, it’s not enough to overpower Thanos’ will.

And that’s when Tony, as quick thinking and clever as ever, steals the McGuffins and claims,

“I… am… Iron Man”

With a snap he removes Thanos and his minions from existence. All that remains are the warriors who took a stand and sacrificed their own well being to stop evil.

Revelation much?

As I watched this I couldn’t help feeling as giddy as I did in the theater. Like a little kid getting ready to get a great surprise, thinking I know exactly what it is, only to get an even greater surprise! It was an intense feeling too. I almost jumped up and yelled “yeah!” a few times. I was probably making noises like a child who’s playing a video game believes if he tilts the controller he will make his character move quicker.

And if this is what 10 years of super hero films can make me feel, what will it feel like when Jesus returns?

That story is thousands of years in the making. And it has some of the same tropes, settings, character development, and lessons. And, you know, it’s actually real. How giddy will I be to see Jesus come back to Earth, set people straight, and utterly destroy evil and death for good? How amazing will it be to see him put demons to the sword as they naively think their powers have even grown close to that of the King of kings. How marvelous will it be to see the glory of Heaven remake the Earth, and restore our bodies. And how magnificent will it be, freed from sin and death and hurt and pain and loneliness and sorrow. To feel only comfort and love. Pure, true, deep love.

No blockbuster can come close.

-Diggs out

P.S. – I really like most of the Marvel movies. And the thing that always got me about Tony Stark (Iron Man) was how in the end he would step away from his self centered ego long enough to put his own life in danger to save people. Especially those he loved.

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