Finally, a New Years Resolution?

As I sit here waiting for my mildly constipated 4 year old nephew to poop while he watches YouTube Kids on his iPad, I can’t help but think…

How did I get this responsibility!?

But I suppose that’s what I was put on this Earth for. Or at least I could make the argument that’s why.

My nephew’s parents have a lot on their hands. Their younger child has some disabilities which take up a bunch of their time. And while they still pay plenty of attention to their 4 year old, he loves coming into town because he gets to play with his cousins, grandpa, and myself.

Similarly, my other sister needs a lot of help with her kids. However, that’s mostly because she has 5 kids between the ages of 10 and 2. It’s a handful to say a lie, it’s a mad house over there.

And I seem to have a natural gift for working with kids. They don’t behave around me the way they behave with their parents. While I’ve been working with kids long enough to know that’s simply the case with most kids in most out-of-home scenarios, I still see it as a gift. I’ve also been told the same by others who have watched me work with kids.

So, yeah, basically I’m just awesome.


But more importantly, while I knew the things we want aren’t always what we need, I’m starting to see that what we want out of life (like our dreams, goals, and aspirations) isn’t always what’s best. Could I be a big YouTuber? Sure. Could I have a weekly or even daily blog full of inspiration? Of course. Could I continue my comic, maybe get a publishing deal, or even sell comics to a newspaper? If I worked on it. Could I ask never-ending questions and you’d keep reading them? Let’s find out…

I could do all of those things. I’m talented enough, organized enough, and I have plenty of time. However, devoting myself to that which already comes naturally and mostly effortlessly I could probably accomplish a lot more.

Happy New Year! 🎉

-Diggs out

P.S. – Let’s try something new this year. Let’s not make any promises about “content”. Deal?

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