My, My, My

After every 5 scripted videos I would have an unscripted video based on an idea I’ve had written down for years. I keep lots of notebooks and write down lots of ideas. And while the other vlog videos are also based on my notes, these were hand picked to go after whatever theme the last 5 videos had eluded to.

This particular note was titled “Not productive”.

I spend a lot of time not being productive. I watch YouTube, TV, movies, and occasionally play a video game. Just consuming content. I spend an equal amount of time reading things online. Mostly articles. Just consuming content.

And, instead of being on my computer, I think to myself “let’s go for a walk.” But… that feels unproductive too… I mean, sure, I’m getting exercise and trying to stay healthy. But I’m not creating anything. I’m not attributing to anything. I’m not helping anyone. I’m just walking around, probably playing Pokemon Go.

Yet, sitting around watching videos isn’t productive either.

Contemplating what I could/should be doing isn’t productive either.

Walking IS productive, just not for my digital life of being an Internet personality. (As small as it is right now…)

It’s got something to do with fear, I’m sure. Being productive and then failing would make it seem like I was in fact not productive. And, given what I know about me, being productive and succeeding wouldn’t feel productive either (in the same way I enjoy walking but feel it’s not productive).

And this was the video description I had planned:

(my my) Don’t wanna look a fool out here
Just tryin’ make a difference in a crappy year
You may hate me but it ain’t no lie
this is my my my
I had to go and make it tough
YouTube is so fun I just can’t get enough
Might sound crazy but this channel’s mine
saying my my my

-Diggs out

P.S. – can you tell what song I was parodying?

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