Apparently, I’m Rich

I recently began uploading some video game clips to YouTube on a new channel. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. So, I finally decided to do it… but just for fun. No hard work. Just fun.

And of course, my nephew likes to play Rocket League. So, I showed him some of the videos I had uploaded. They were clips of saves, goals, and other important plays in the game. Nothing fancy, some of them way too long, and there’s one where the recording app didn’t record any video but I attempted to salvage it anyway and make a joke out of it that my nephew didn’t really understand.

One day he tells my mom that I’m going to be rich because I’m a YouTuber.


He’s young and doesn’t understand how all that stuff works. So, in a way it was kinda cute.

But it was also kind of uplifting. Here’s this young kid who thinks my lame little videos are on par with the likes of actual gamer YouTubers. He thinks we’re the same.

So, I continue to upload some videos, just clips and highlights right now. And who knows… maybe one day I will be a rich YouTuber. I mean, none of the other YouTubers out there are rich because of YouTube… but maybe I can be the first?

-Diggs out

P.S. – Should I become a famous YouTuber or a famous blogger? Hmm, tough one…

Opposites Revolt Me

I guess I’m at that time in my life. Of course, it could be caused by the fact that I work with teens. Oh, ya. What am I talking about…

I hate people. Ok, I severely dislike human beings and their nature. Here’s what irks me today: I want to teach my students to be good, kind, trustworthy, loving people. However, the world is teaching them to be selfish, greedy, and worry only about themselves. The world wants these kids to treat other people like crap and then laugh about it. The world is teaching these kids that authority figures are stupid and they don’t have to respect anyone, much less adults.

I feel as if I tell them to act like a good person and they look at me the same way kids looked at me when I was a kid. They act like I’m being prude, or a goody-goody, or lame, or square. And while I’m not particularly worried about what they think of me, I do worry about how they will continue to act in the future. I could act appropriately, teach with my words and lead by example, but it feels as if they just don’t get it. They are determined to be rude, disrespectful, and perverted people.

Perhaps this is just children. Which is why I thought it might just be that I am at that time in my life. Instead of having kids at the age of 27, and then dealing with their teenage versions 13 years from now, I am dealing with 120 different middle schoolers at the same time; most of whom are acting or beginning to act more and more perverse, rude, etc. So, it’s probably just hitting me harder. I am trying to teach these kids respect and love among all else and I don’t see it in return. So, naturally, I just assume they’re not picking it up, meaning I’m not getting through to them. But I’m not a bad teacher…. am I?

Leading by example is hard. I guess (because I’ve been told this before) I’ll never really know what kind of impact I’ve had on a child’s life until I see them at the supermarket with their own kid one of these days…

Some new goals for myself

Let it go.

Let it be what it is.


Do the right thing.



Let them in.

Let it hurt.

Be happy you did.

Make them think: smile.

Make them work: for their sake, not your love.

Let them know who’s in charge: God.

Think first, ask questions later.

Always say “hello.”

Never say “good bye.”

Make sure you let them know they are always welcome.

You have a job, now help then find one.

You found your calling, now help then listen for theirs.

How NOT to Write

How NOT to Write

Original Post Date: Wednesday, 8. December 2010, 05:32

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So, I am grading some work from the middle school. I teach computers, and the students recently had to write letters. Here are a few things about them.
First off, let me begin by saying I break just about all of these rules in every post I write. But, I am not writing for anyone but myself. AND, actually, I am practicing while I write. So, that is the reason for most of my mistakes and rule breaking (I am a lingual rebel, but that’s beside the point). I make the rest of my grammar no-no’s because I am trying to write in a way which is natural for people to read. Some people read what they see and some people read what they think the words say. So, I try to write the way people would predict what I am saying so they think I am writing personally just to them. It doesn’t always work… but sometimes it does.
That said, a professional letter, research paper, essay, article, or other professional or academic work should always follow these rules. No exceptions, unless you are quoting.

· Rule #1 – Lists suck. Do not list a bunch of crap for me. Use your freakin’ imagination and come up with an interesting way to say your next thirty points!

· Rule #2 – “etc” is for idiots who wanted to make it look like they know a lot when really they only understand the two actual pieces of information they listed.

· Rule #3 – Put things in order. (moron) And second, it’s rude. First, it makes you look unorganized (which you probably are)

· Rule #4clip_image001– lol – These are not cute. You’re writing a professional letter. The CEO of Coca-Cola, Hersheys, Sony, Microsoft, Apple, Ford, and IBM wouldn’t be caught dead with a smiley face in their letters, memos, and reports. Grow up.

· Rule #5 – “…” If you have to use this… well… No, seriously, all this means is you know you should write something, but instead of using your brain and coming up with something to write, you’re going to leave the work to your reader. That can be a bad idea, because some readers are stupid. Oh, and by they way, a period and a comma both mean (to some extent) “Pause.” Three periods don’t make the pause any more imperative because most people just skip over them like they do regular periods and commas.

· Rule #6 – If you’re going to write words such as “gonna”, “freakin”, “cause”, and “lovin” stick the ” ‘ ” on the word so it at least looks like you know they are shortened versions of real, longer words.

· Rule #7 – Just how excited can you be? What is the difference between “!” and “!!!!!!!!!!!!”? If you can’t find a more descriptive way to say, “I love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!,” then shut up. I don’t care that you can’t put your emotions into words. Learn. If you want to write, learn how to properly.

· Rule #8 – Just how much can you mean something? Let me tell you something: you can only be happy. You can’t be “haaaaaaaaaaaaaaappy.” This is called ecstatic, overjoyed, or blissful. Use a frickin’ thesaurus.

· Rule #9 – If you think you need to break any of these rules in order to capture your reader’s attention then you shouldn’t be writing. I’m serious.

· Rule #10 – Last one (’cause I’m running out of material): don’t try to be funny. Either be funny or be serious. If you try to be funny you won’t be. You will come off as stupid.

So there are some rules for writing. Follow them, don’t follow them, idc. clip_image001[1]If you don’t follow them… Just don’t leave me stupid comments sayin “whats wrong with these????? >Open-mouthed smile ” I don’t care how maaaaaad you are or how stuuuupid you think I am. SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just don’t write for me. Third, leave my cat alone.
Diggs out
P.S. – Did you see my last post? tee hee hee

>Silent "P" – repost

>On my old fat tiger website, I also had a blog. There I typed many a stupid entry. One of those stupid entries was the following:


So the other day, a co-worker of mine walks behind the front desk. Another co-worker is being silly and asks him what it would be like to have a silent “p” in front of his name ( so his name would be Pmatt, and the “p” would be silent). So Matt says “then my name would be ‘Phh-Matt'” …… and he pronounced the “p”

I had to remind him that the “p” was silent, so his name would still be pronounced “Matt”.

 I think he caught on right as I began to say something…still, it was funny that he reacted so fast with “Phh-Matt.”

I thought it was funny and so I am reposting it. I think I am also going to bring this up the next time I see him. Maybe even tell some of the kids he works with.

That should prove humorous.

>Steam Ice Water, Prologue

>Ever since I have been a young boy my grandfather has told me stories of the Siw’s. He spells their name s-i-w, but he pronounces it like my friend’s name, “Sue.” Wierd. Of course, Sue is pretty wierd, also. Just like the Siw’s.

Grandpa says that the Siw’s had control over water, which they called maa-verta. They could control water and change it’s form from ice to water, water to steam, steam to water, and all of those. They held the highest respect for the water. They would fit in great today. Just think of all the people who tell you to stop wasting water. These guys could make you stop wasting water. Not to mention that they could melt all the ice on the roads without using any salt. Just think of all the money we’d save on salt.

My dad doesn’t like grandpa’s stories. He’s always telling me, “you know, Steven, those stories aren’t true.” I know that! I may only be 11 years old but I’m not stupid. It’s still pretty cool to think about: being able to control water. I used to think I had these abilities. I have always dried off really fast; could it be because I made the water evaporate? I went boating with my friend once and his dad let me drive. I drove the boat “masterfully” and my friend’s dad said it was like I knew what the water was going to do; is it because I was talking with the water… was I talking with the maa-verta? I have always been good at carving out tracks on the big hill for sledding. My friends always make me go first; can I melt the snow to create these tracks?

Once, I was waiting for my mom to make maccaroni and cheese. I sat at the table and stared down the pot. My mom said, “a watched pot never boils.” I kept watching anyway and I swear the pot began to boil almost instantly. My mom says it’s because she put hot water in the pot to begin with and I must have dozed off… making it look like it boiled quickly. But what if I have this ability…?

“…get ready for another weekend of snowfall. A new front is moving in and could hit us by Friday night, dropping a minimum of 2 to 3 inches…”

“Gregg, did you hear the weatherman?” “Ya, I heard it,” dad yells through the house! Geeze, can’t a guy sleep until noon in peace.

“Steven,” my mom intrudes, “get out of bed. It’s almost eleven.” AHHHH! Light! It burns my eyes! “Mom! Close the blinds!”

“Get out of bed and close them yourself.”

I don’t think so. She’s just trying to trick me into getting up. She knows that if I get out of bed then I won’t be able to get back to sleep anyway so I’d just stay up. Not gonna happen.

BUZZ-BUZZ-BUZZ… what is that?… “walk this waaaay, walk this wa-ay…”

Walk what? Is that Aerosmith? Where are they coming from? Oh, that’s my phone. But where is it?

“walk this- hmmm hm hm hmmm hmm-mmm…” Ack! It’s under my back! Why is my phone in my bed?


“Hey Steven let’s go sledding.” It’s Mike. Why is he so chipper… and awake? “C’mon, Steve, you gonna come out?”

“Sure, I’ll come out. Jut let me wake up first.”



“Michael! Cut it out!” How dare he yell into my phone that loud. Now I can’t hardly see or hear. “That’s it! You better hope I don’t develope the ability to fly or I’m gonna take you to the top of the big drop and kick you off.”

“Ya, whatever. Oh, and by the way… Sue is gonna come out.”

Sue. Really? She never comes out to the big hill? “Hey Steven, you should jump the ramp. That will really impress her.”

“Impress her? What do I need to impress her for?”

“You do like her, don’t yo-” CLICK

Whatever… You know, I should wear my new coat today. Hey I gotta wear it sometime.

…to be continued