Why is it MY Job to Watch Out for You?

As I leave work – a frozen custard shoppe which also sell smoothies, coffees, lattes, and baked goods – I see a small family or two sitting in the grass of the lot next door. They are in the shade of the trees on a blanket just relaxing, while one of the kids is running around trying to get his kite to fly. Presumably, they just bought some desserts and were enjoying the warm, spring weather. It was a beautiful sight after all the seclusion brought on by the latest global pandemic.

But I gots a problem with this!

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Win or Earn?

It’s a miracle! You did it! You actually did it! You had a better chance at having identical quadruplets but you, you lucky snake of a monkey’s uncle dog… you achieved every American’s dream.

You won the lottery.

And then six months later you spent it all, racked up debt you can’t pay, and finally were forced to pay your taxes. Continue reading