Happy Perceptions

I’ve been looking at all the cool tech toys available this year. My phone is a few years old… The VR headset I have needs a computer to work; and I’m just borrowing it… A nice laptop would help me do more on the go… I’d like to play certain games on my Xbox instead of my PC, considering my Xbox is connected to my 4k TV…

Speaking of that TV, it’s kind of a secret… but… it was a “broken” TV that was replaced. Since it was being thrown out I wanted to open it up and see whats inside. Turns out, there’s not much inside TVs these days. A screen, a power supply, and a PCB for housing the brains and inputs and connecting everything together. So, I bought a new power supply and PCB for about 30 bucks and I got myself a working 4K Roku smart TV.

But, I don’t have Xbox live anymore, which apparently means I can’t play anything I own online, nor can I play any of the “free” games I got through Games with Gold over the past 5 years.

I still have a Nintendo Switch, though, so I can play those games, I guess.

I did have my fairly nice PC hooked up to my TV, but I recently rearranged my room. Now, my PC is too far away from the TV to run a cable between them. Especially considering the cable would run along the floor past a doorway.

But now I have plenty of room to use that VR system I’m borrowing. So, thats cool.

You know, its funny how you think happiness is going to come from somewhere, something, or someone else. Yet, it literally rests inside you.

Those new phone purchases I was deliberating on… I’ve pretty much decided not to pursue it. No new phone for me. The phone I really want isn’t water proof, among other things. And the other phone I would want is really just an upgrade of the phone I have. And its not really that wonderful of an upgrade. There’s really only a few features it has that my current phone doesn’t. And they’re not deal breaking, gotta have, how did I live without it features.

So, I decided to reset my current phone. It was a similar process to buying a new phone: backup all my data, reset my old phone, setup my new phone which in this case is my old phone, and then reinstall all my apps, sign in to services, and start the customization; which includes trying out new backgrounds, new ring tones, and new homescreen layouts. For me, at least, this was very cathartic.

And it made me realize that its not a change in the device or toy that I have, but a change in my perception that is really responsible for my happiness.

-Diggs out

P.S. – don’t get me wrong, I’m still paying attention to all the black Friday deals… because, you know, I like tech.

I Want; However… or Contradictions

I want to be told what do to, but then I don’t want to do it.

I want to be in charge, but then I don’t really take charge.

I wouldn’t mind having power, without any responsibility.

I want responsibility, unless it means I have to take the blame.

I want friends, but refuse to “meet” people.

I want a wife and kids, but refuse to “date”.

I want a better, higher paying job, but don’t want to pick up more hours at my current job.

I want God to answer my prayers, but I don’t believe He will.

I want to make fun YouTube videos, but I don’t ever record anything.

I want to tell my story, but never tell the whole thing.

I want to do what’s right, but doubt that will get me anywhere.

I want to tell the truth, but don’t out of fear of backlash.

I want to speak about God and Jesus, but don’t out of fear.

I want a better job, but I won’t apply for any.

I want to sing, but I don’t want to be heard.

I want people to see me, but I don’t want them to look at me.

I want to argue, but I don’t want to be challenged.

I want to love, but I don’t want to lose.

I want to gain the world, but I don’t want to lose my soul.

I want to live..

No “but” there. However, it is so hard.

Thank Jesus it doesn’t have to be forever!

Your Consequences Are Not My Problem, but…

I was taking a walk after bingeing the first 3 seasons of “The Good Place” on Netflix. If you’ve seen it, you know what kinds of moral dilemmas they deal with. If you haven’t seen it, suffice it to say they deal with moral dilemmas albeit in a lighthearted yet emotional world.

Their dilemmas are of the ethical sort. Is it ok to lie? What if lying would save someone’s feelings? What if not lying would bring harm to people? Pretty much every plot thread is “can we lie or not”, “should I stick to my moral code all the time or not” , and “what does it mean to be human.” And also “love”.

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