Job Search (Because YouTube Probably Won’t Work Out)

Remember being in high school? Remember how you would do things without really understanding why you were doing them? Maybe to be cool… or to impress someone… or to be like everyone else, or to be liked by everyone else… or maybe you saw someone on TV, some kid, and you thought “that’s what kids are supposed to be like“ so you better try real hard to be like that kid or else people are going to think you’re weird…

When do you grow out of that?

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What’s Teaching Like…?

Being a teacher is like simultaneously being the boss of a bunch of little workers, as well as acting as each one of their secretaries.

I mean it.

I hand out work, and sometimes different work to different workers. I need to make sure they are doing their work and discipline them when work is not completed on time (mostly by giving late grades).

But I am also bombarded with question after question about the work I give out. If it’s not “I don’t understand… can you explain the whole thing over again?” then it’s “I can’t find my work… can you help me find it and get it turned in, and maybe convince the boss to just let this one slide because it’s a fluke and will never happen again I swear…?”


Oh well.

I’ve got a class coming in soon, so I better go…

-Diggs, out

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