Ok, so, here’s the deal…

UPDATE: The deal changed. But feel free to read the original post anyway. FYI: I didn’t move. Well, I did. But I moved back.

I am a very particular person.

I like things a certain way.

I like to customize things my way.

When I want something to look a certain way, I want it to look a certain way.

I can’t stand it when I want something to look a certain way and I just can’t make it look that way.

When I can’t make it look the way I want it to look, I create it from scratch to make it my own.

That’s why we have children, right?

“My child will never behave like that.”

“I will never let my child watch so much TV just to keep them occupied.”

“I would never buy my 9 year old an iPhone.”


You say that now, but then you actually get there and you’re moving your blog to another hosting platform just so you can access the custom CSS editor and finally be able to make your site look exactly how you want it to look.

So, ya… I will be moving.

My blog, that is.

I’m going to have a custom domain name. I’ll have access to my CSS editor. I’ll even be able to edit templates and WordPress files. Hopefully, if everything goes well, I’ll be able to import my current site to my new site. That means that all likes, comments, posts, media, and links will still remain intact. I hope. I think.

I would start over, but I’ve started over sooooooo many times in the past. It’s not like I have a huge following, but I’d like everything to just stay the same. This blog won’t disappear (at least not suddenly). But, I will eventually move over to the new site.

I’ll post an update when I do. Then you all can follow me! Yay! 😀

Oh, and that child thing…

Have kids. Then you’ll see why it’s just so difficult NOT to do all that stuff. You’ll also find out why it’s so tempting TO do all that stuff.

-Diggs out

P.S. – kids are great.

P.P.S. – no, seriously.

What Big Things?

So, a while back I promised that big things were coming. And they are… for me.

For the Internet? Maybe not.

I have many projects that I would like to work on after I move. Oh. I’m moving to Florida if you didn’t know. Not that you need to know. I could live in the south Sahara and it wouldn’t really change my blog. I might talk about sand more… 

“Hey, so, this camel spit a whole 3.5 meters yesterday! It was a crazy day.”

Anyway, after my move I’m not going to “find myself” or go on a quest to discover the true me. This move is about change. But it’s not about changing who I am. I know who I am. This change will hopefully allow me the time to actually BE who I am.

So those projects and “big things” that are a-comin’ are probably going to happen. For once I will hopefully be in a situation where I’m not bogged down with so many other responsibilities and duties *snicker* and I’ll be able to just… well, I’ll be able to just BE.

I want to do more on my blog. I want to do YouTube. I want a cool website. I want to teach people about things. I want to talk about God and Jesus. I want to change people’s lives. But more importantly I just want to be me, do the things I love, and have fun.

So, unless I slack off like usual, I’ll see you one last time before I make the jump to Florida.

Gotta find my springy shoes first. 😀

Diggs out.