Your Consequences Are Not My Problem, but…

I was taking a walk after bingeing the first 3 seasons of “The Good Place” on Netflix. If you’ve seen it, you know what kinds of moral dilemmas they deal with. If you haven’t seen it, suffice it to say they deal with moral dilemmas albeit in a lighthearted yet emotional world.

Their dilemmas are of the ethical sort. Is it ok to lie? What if lying would save someone’s feelings? What if not lying would bring harm to people? Pretty much every plot thread is “can we lie or not”, “should I stick to my moral code all the time or not” , and “what does it mean to be human.” And also “love”.

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Many Unimportant Stories

There are many stories which are taking place during the day.

You don’t even notice them.

Someone is in front of you in the supermarket checkout line and she is bumbling about. First, her credit card doesn’t work. When she goes through her purse to find money she comes up short by a dollar or two. Then, she figures she will write a check, but has none left in her checkbook. You almost feel sorry for her, but you shouldn’t.

You see, this is a fluke. She actually has a bunch of money in her savings, she forgot she canceled that credit card because she only needed one, and she doesn’t write checks very often which is why she forgot to change her checkbook. Rather, you should be more concerned about the teenage girl behind you who took the attention this lady is getting as an opportunity to stash a few candy bars in her purse. She doesn’t look like a thief. As a matter of fact, you know her. She is friends with your son. She plays volleyball for the high school, is always on the high honor roll, and participates in just about every school function she can… so why is she stealing?…

There are many stories that are taking place everyday, but the ones you remember aren’t the important ones.