#WhileIWait to Wake Up

Hey, would you look at this. Just a few days later and I am once again writing. Looks like someone figured out how to follow New Years resolutions finally…

Or I’m just bored.

Either way here’s a dream I had last night.

Have you ever read any of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books? I read the first one, bought the next two, read half of the second, saw the first movie, but that’s it. It’s a good book – the first one. You should read it. Have any kids who don’t like reading? Give it to them. They’ll come around.

Anyway, my dream, or rather the story structure/thematic mood of my dream seems to resemble the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. There was me – a kid who just wants to be cool, my friend – who’s kinda goofy, some cool kids – who are actually cool, the dog groomer – who comes over to our house to shave and save the hair off our pet lion, Beast… and then a little blond-headed kid.

Let’s see if you can guess the message my deep subconscious has for me.

So, in the dream now, I was looking for a way to get the kids in school to like me, or think I’m cool. So, I get a skateboard. I’m in a store, much like a Walmart. I try to ride the skateboard as best as I can, but I’m just not that good. The cool kids don’t make fun of me, but they don’t seem to notice either. The blond kid is riding around a bike, and even doing a couple of tricks. He seems really cool, but similarly to myself, the cool kids don’t really take notice of him. However, unsimilarly to myself, he doesn’t seem to care, or even notice. He is just having fun riding his bike. He seems happy, and then smiles when I take notice of him. But it doesn’t persuade him towards any behavior. He just keeps on being himself.

Then the dog groomer comes to collect hair from Beast the lion (and if I remember correctly, she uses the hair to make wigs for a local small time movie studio).

After I wake up from a good dream, or a dream that was very impactful, I almost always try to milk it. Sometimes that means attempting to fall asleep once again, but other times it means just laying there playing out the dream in my head, and like a room full of screenwriters trying to polish a script I make revision after revision.


Why not? It’s fun.

So the story became one of a boy who just wants to be known. He meets another boy whom people know. But it turns out, people only know what they know and don’t know anything else. The blond kid is a cool kid, but he doesn’t have a large group of friends. He doesn’t go many places. He doesn’t hang out with a lot of people.  He doesn’t have an entire school-full of children who know his name and chant it everytime he walks into the cafeteria. He’s just a kid who enjoys life, and shares his enjoyment with anyone who wishes to take part. Our main character, me, learns a valuable lesson about happiness. He learns that his goofy friend might just be all the “fans” he needs. He also gains a new friend, not because of popularity or gimmicks or toughness, but because of genuine interest in another human being, and the reciprocation of that kindness. He learns to be himself.

Which is more than I can say for non-dream me.

But, this blog as evidence, I’m working on that 😉

Diggs out.

Spring is in the Air

Guess what?

It’s Spring!

You know what that means?

“Teacher, can we have computer class outside? It’s soooooo nice out!”

Really?… You don’t listen inside with nothing but frosted windows and computer posters to stare at. You think cars driving by, birds, the wind blowing through the trees, the occasional lost dog, the smell of freshly cut grass, dandelions blowing in the wind, squirrels gathering nuts, and the sun glistening through the clouds which look a lot like that one guy from the Walking Dead TV show that everyone is always yelling at isn’t going to be distracting?

Yay spring… but also “boo spring!”

-Diggs, out.

P.S. – but seriously, YAY SPRING! That means I’ll be able to go on more walks!

Opposites Revolt Me

I guess I’m at that time in my life. Of course, it could be caused by the fact that I work with teens. Oh, ya. What am I talking about…

I hate people. Ok, I severely dislike human beings and their nature. Here’s what irks me today: I want to teach my students to be good, kind, trustworthy, loving people. However, the world is teaching them to be selfish, greedy, and worry only about themselves. The world wants these kids to treat other people like crap and then laugh about it. The world is teaching these kids that authority figures are stupid and they don’t have to respect anyone, much less adults.

I feel as if I tell them to act like a good person and they look at me the same way kids looked at me when I was a kid. They act like I’m being prude, or a goody-goody, or lame, or square. And while I’m not particularly worried about what they think of me, I do worry about how they will continue to act in the future. I could act appropriately, teach with my words and lead by example, but it feels as if they just don’t get it. They are determined to be rude, disrespectful, and perverted people.

Perhaps this is just children. Which is why I thought it might just be that I am at that time in my life. Instead of having kids at the age of 27, and then dealing with their teenage versions 13 years from now, I am dealing with 120 different middle schoolers at the same time; most of whom are acting or beginning to act more and more perverse, rude, etc. So, it’s probably just hitting me harder. I am trying to teach these kids respect and love among all else and I don’t see it in return. So, naturally, I just assume they’re not picking it up, meaning I’m not getting through to them. But I’m not a bad teacher…. am I?

Leading by example is hard. I guess (because I’ve been told this before) I’ll never really know what kind of impact I’ve had on a child’s life until I see them at the supermarket with their own kid one of these days…