This holiday season I’m trying something different. Since I never shave anyway I decided that No Shave Novemeber didn’t really change my typical routine at all. There was no challenge to it. And challenges like Inktober, which I tried to take part in, don’t provide any reason to draw every day, no incentive to continue, and no consequence for missing a day (or like myself, stopping at the last week and never catching up because oh well no big deal maybe next year).

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On the Road

Well, I’m on my way to Florida.

That’s really it. I don’t have much else to say. I think this will be an exciting adventure. I think it will be way different than I’m used to.

However, unlike some people have expressed, I don’t necessarily think all these changes will be inherently “good for me.”

I think the experience will be good. I think this is my last real chance to make this kind of move without worrying about how it will affect others.

(Although I’ve had a lot of people tell me not to leave. They weren’t asking me to stay. They were telling me not to leave.#heartwarming )

Anyway, I just wanted to update my fan 😉.

Things are going smooth so far. We ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel, stayed clear of the rain, turned around in an adult toy store parking lot. It’s been a nice trip so far.

Those big things are getting closer. Hope I’m ready!

-Diggs out